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On Save the Children's website, An official overview of Athene's collaborations with them thus far can be found here.

GamingForGood.net launched in 2013 as Athene’s charity fundraising platform with the support of more than a hundred developers and publishers, such as Blizzard, Epic and Square Enix. All contributed game keys that supporters could unlock with donations that go 100% directly to charity.

After appearing on countless mainstream media outlets worldwide for raising more than a total of $20 million for Save the Children, partially through record-breaking livestreaming events that often involved collaborating with many other streamers, GamingForGood.net was rebuilt as a service that all streamers can use for livestream alerts and personal donations as well as charity fundraising.

appeared on: CNN, CBS, Fox News, Wall Street Journal CNBS, Forbes, Bloomberg

Starting in 2019, GamingForGood.net is transformed and merged into Clash of Streamers. A revolutionary mobile game that incorporates completely new ways of watching and interacting with livestreams. It also builds on innovative blockchain technology to, for example, allow players to truly own the heroes they collect.

The platform’s philanthropic mission builds on this new technology to attempt to provide Decentralized Universal Basic Income (DUBI) initially in developing regions with pilot programs and ultimately on a global scale. Current charity donations as well as all AtheneLive’s Twitch subscription funds go directly to Save the Children’s designated budget for our collaboration regarding digital and blockchain-based humanitarian assistance in Uganda.

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