Q: What is GamingforGoods fee?

A: GamingForGood.net is free to use and does not add any fees to donations made to streamers or to charity. We do not process any payments ourselves, instead all donations are made through an automated checkout that is handled by PayPal.

Q: When I receive a donation, where does the money go?

A: All donations go directly to your own PayPal account. In the past, the money could also go to your G2A Account if you had one set up, which can be accessed through the GamingForGood.net dashboard or the G2A website. Since GamingForGood.net itself does not process payments, all issues with receiving funds or chargebacks are handled and resolved by the streamers and the payment processors (such as PayPal). However, our team is working on a new payment solution in addition to the current PayPal checkout that should offer more payment methods and better protection against chargebacks.

Q: What do the GamingForGood.net charity donations go towards?

A: In the past (prior to October 2019), all charity donations have always gone directly to Save the Children's account, primarily in support of Save the Children's Child and Newborn Survival programs and at specific times towards emergency initiatives such as the Ebola crisis or the 2017 drought in Ethiopia. Likewise, AtheneLive’s Twitch subscription revenue also went directly to Save the Children thanks to a unique collaboration between GamingForGood.net, Twitch and Save the Children.

Right now, the charity donation feature is disabled while we implement a new donation system to support Giving Works in its mission of digital and blockchain-based humanitarian assistance in developing regions such as Uganda.